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Online Course Details

This option is for those students that prefer an online Boating Safety Course at their leisure, followed by an

in-person proctored exam.

In 2024 we will be conducting the Proctored Exam at the end of all our boating courses (See Boating Courses 2024.)

First, take the boat.ed on line course at

Then register for the exam via email:

Include name, address, cell phone and exam date you want to attend.

Students should arrive by 3:45 pm for check in.

Students must bring the following to the exam: 1) Copy of online course certificate 2) Driver license or other photo ID

                                                                                  3) Self-addressed stamped envelope 4) Pen and pencil

                                                                                  5) $50 fee in cash or check made payable to Boating Safety First.     

Students will receive a temporary NJ Boating Safety Certificate (NJ BSC) after completing/passing the exam.

The permanent NJ BSC will be mailed to students later.


Send an email to:    




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